Trade Republic Bank GmbH

Corporate Name
Trade Republic Bank GmbH
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The date of receiving the right to provide cross-border services
Services provided in Estonia
Service country Service name
1. Taking deposits and other repayable funds
2. Lending including, inter alia: consumer credit, credit agreements relating to immovable property, factoring, with or without recourse, financing of commercial transactions (including forfeiting)
4. Payment services as defined in Article 4(3) of Directive 2007/64/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council
4a. Services enabling cash to be placed on a payment account as well as all the operations required for operating a payment account
4b. Services enabling cash withdrawals from a payment account as well as all the operations required for operating a payment account
4c. Execution of payment transactions, including transfers of funds on a payment account with the user's payment service provider or with another payment service provider:
— execution of direct debits, including one-off direct debits
— execution of payment transactions through a payment card or a similar device
— execution of credit transfers, including standing orders
4f. Money remittance
4h. Account information services
7. Trading for own account or for account of customers in any of the following:
7a. Money market instruments (e.g. cheques, bills, certificates of deposits)
7b. Foreign exchange
7c. Financial futures and options
7d. Exchange and interest-rate instruments
7e. Transferable securities
8. Participation in securities issues and the provision of services relating to such issues
11. Portfolio management and advice
12. Safekeeping and administration of securities

Financial Instruments

  Investeermisteenused ja -tegevused Tugiteenused Aruandlusteenused
  A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 D1 D2 D3
Finantsinstrumendid C1 X X X X X X X     X                  
C2 X X X X X         X                  
C3 X X X X X         X                  
C4 X X X X X         X                  
C5 X X X X X         X                  
C6 X X X X X         X                  
C7 X X X X X         X                  
C8 X X X X X         X                  
C9 X X X X X         X                  
C10 X X X X X         X                  
C11 X X X X X         X                  
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