Barnard Jacobs Mellet (UK) Limited

Corporate Name
Barnard Jacobs Mellet (UK) Limited
Home Country
United Kingdom
Services provided in Estonia
Service country Service name
SECTION A: Services
1(a) Reception and transmission, on behalf of investors, of orders in relation to one or more of the instruments listed in Section B
1(a) Transferable securities.
4. Advice to undertakings on capital structure, industrial strategy and related matters and advice and service relating to mergers and the purchase of undertakings.
1(b) Execution of such orders other than for own account
2. Dealing in any of the instruments listed in Section B for own account
4. Underwriting in respect of issues of any of the instruments listed in Section B and/or the placing of such issues
SECTION B: Instruments
1(b) Units in collective investment undertakings.
2. Money-market instruments.
3. Financial-futures contracts, including equivalent cash-settled instruments.
4. Forward interest-rate agreements (FRAs).
5. Interest-rate, currency and equity swaps.
6. Options to acquire or dispose of any instruments falling within this section of the Annex, including equivalent cash-settled instruments. This category includes in particular options on currency and on interest rates.
SECTION C: Non-core services
5. Services related to underwriting.
6. Investment advice concerning one or more of the instruments listed in Section B.
7. Foreign-exchange service where these are connected with the provision of investment services.