Asking for information

If your financial institution is unable to help you resolve a problem or you do not get sufficient explanation from them, you can get independent advice and explanations by contacting Finantsinspektsioon. Finantsinspektsioon can use your complaint to make a supervisory enquiry of the financial institution and to test whether it is acting in full compliance with the law. After that we will give you our own explanations and suggest where you should turn to resolve the dispute.

Finantsinspektsioon carries out state supervision over banks, insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, investment firms, fund managers, investment and pension funds, payment institutions, e-money institutions, creditors and credit intermediaries, and the securities market, which all operate under activity licences granted by Finantsinspektsioon. Supervision over branches of banks, insurance companies and investment firms operating in Estonia is exercised by the supervision authority of the country of origin of the branch.

You can email us to ask for information at [email protected].