Q3 2022 overview of non-bank creditors and credit intermediaries

In the third quarter of 2022 there were 55 creditors in the market and 8 credit intermediaries. A record number of new loans were issued in the quarter, raising the number of new loan contracts to 234,000, which was 13,000 more than in the previous quarter. The largest number of loans in a single quarter was previously around 227,000 in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic. The majority of the loans issued are unsecured small loans, at around 201,000 contracts. Some 28,000 instalment loan contracts were also signed, as were 5000 vehicle lease contracts.


Quarter 2, 2022   Quarter 3, 2022
Stock of consumer loans 1,49 million euros 1,51 million euros
Number of contracts 576 067  565 894 
   of which new contracts 220 371  233 704 
Net interest income 32,3 million euros 33,1 million euros


The activity of creditors in issuing loans varies very widely, as 81% of the new loans were issued by only five creditors.

Over half of the creditors signed fewer than 100 loan contracts each during the quarter.

New loans worth 258 million euros in total were granted. The aggregate stock of the loan portfolio of creditors grew by 2% over the quarter and it stood at 1.5 billion euros at the end of September. More than half of the aggregate portfolio consisted of vehicle leases, worth 877 million euros in total, while one third of the portfolio at 492 million euros was unsecured small loans.

The majority of the loan market for creditors is held by creditors associated with banks, which mainly handle vehicle leases. Non-bank creditors mainly specialise in issuing unsecured small loans.

The number of overdue loans in the credit portfolio increased a little over the quarter, and they increased as a share of the loans in the portfolio to 17% from 16% in the second quarter. Unsecured small loans are the largest share of the loans that are overdue. While 6% of contracts at creditors associated with banks were overdue, 28% of loans from creditors not associated with banks were. In total, 105,000 client contracts, or 18% of all the contracts signed, were in difficulty in the third quarter as either overdue, written off or disposed of.