Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Single Supervisory Mechanism Andrea Enria visits Estonia


On Thursday and Friday 22-23 August, the head of banking supervision at the European Central Bank, Andrea Enria, will visit Estonia. This is the annual visit by the head of supervision to the supervisory authorities of member states.

In Estonia Mr Enria will meet colleagues from Finantsinspektsioon and senior managers of the banks. The meetings will mainly focus on procedures for qualifying holding and the work of the joint supervisory teams, and on investment of cross-border deposits and anti-money laundering issues.

The banks operating in Estonia that are under the direct supervision of the European Central Bank are Luminor, Swedbank and SEB.

Andrea Enria has been in charge of banking supervision at the European Central Bank since January this year, when the five-year term of previous incumbent Danièle Nouy ended.

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