Finantsinspektsioon has updated its website


On 6 December Finantsinspektsioon launched its new website, which is more user-friendly and intuitive than before.

The new website is designed so that the most important information is easy to find and the website itself is easy to use. The information architecture and layout of the website have changed and it now contains a lot more images, figures and infographics and has a blog section.

The main information is collected on the new website under the key topics of banking and credit, investment, insurance, payment and e-money services, and consumer. The new site makes it easy to find a range of information and material from a form for sending a notification about illegal activity to financial market reviews.

The home page gives the latest news, investor alerts and events, with the most important information displayed in the large picture at the top of the page. The menu on the right shows the most important information on financial markets, such as the register of Supervised Entities, how to apply for an activity licence, financial market reviews, guidelines and regulations. 

More attention has been paid than with the old website to making information quick to find using a search engine. The whole website is also easier to use on mobile devices that before, and the design of the website has taken accessibility fully into consideration, so that the website is easy for the visually impaired to use for example

The Finantsinspektsioon website is available in Estonian and English.

Development work on the website continues. If you have difficulties in finding information that you are looking for, please contact [email protected] or by telephone on +372 6680 849.

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