Warnings from Consob



The Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB) has ordered the black-out of 5 new websites which are offering financial services illegally. 

The commission availed itself of the new powers resulting from the “Decreto Crescita” (“Growth Decree”; Law no. 58 of 28 June 2019, Article 36, paragraph 2-terdecies), on the basis of which Consob can order internet service providers to block access from Italy to websites offering financial services without the proper authorisation. 

Below are the sites Consob has ordered to be blacked out: 
     Ikon Cfd (websitewww.ikoncfd.com and its pages https://my.ikoncfd.com and https://webtrader.ikoncfd.com);
     Shdlake Ltd (website https://crystalscapitals.com and its page https://platform.crystalscapitals.com);
     Actv Global Markets Limited (website https://tradeactive.com and its page https://accounts1.tradeactive.com);
     ForexTimeLtd (website www.forextimeltd.com and its page https://clients.forextimeltd.com);
     Cryptoneyx (websitewww.cryptoneyx.com).

The number of sites blacked out since July 2019, when Consob got the power to order the black-out of websites of fraudulent financial intermediaries, has thus risen to 860.

The measures adopted by Consob can be consulted on the website www.consob.it.